• oh hey.

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    oh hey.

    you’re sitting three feet next/across from me. and you smell slightly bad because you just played soccer. but i like your cleats. and i like your face. your really hairy side burns. and the fact that you’re kind of strange. but you’re really funny. and i like your smile. YES. THAT ONE RIGHT THERE. you’re cute. but you’re always texting. and that makes me feel odd. because you probably have a really super hot girl that you like, and i just don’t do it for you. which is sad. we get to work together though. every day. three times a day. hours at a time. it’s quite enjoyable. oh. and i liked our water fight last night. you’re fantastic. and i want to be with you. there. i said it. that’s all. i want to be with you. i want you to kiss me. i want you to hold me. i want you to hold my hand. i want you to look at me and be like “yep. you’re the one that i want to be with” but that won’t happen. which is slightly too bad. but i guess i’ll live.

    stop staring at me. it makes my insides turn. like legit. okay. that’s all.

    love, the girl that wishes she could call you hers.

    p.s. i’m not the same girl i was 3 years ago. i’m much different. get to know this girl now.

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