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    Dear A,

    the only thing i’ve ever wanted from you was a friendship, but i know you want more. i have to be independent and do what i want because i can’t have someone telling me what to do becasue it will make me go crazy.

    i hate the way you scream at me for hooking up with someone but you where the one that told me to go to that guys house.

    i hate the way you make me want to love you.

    i hate the way all of our friends think something is going on but we don’t tell.

    i hate that i don’t believe in love.

    i hate how i want to love you so much but just when i’m getting close to you make me change my feelings again.

    i hate how i don’t get tired of being around you.

    i hate how this has been one of the greatest summers of my life but we both go to different universities and i won’t see you for a whole semester.

    i hate how you love me.

    i hate the way people look at our relationship or lack of one.

    but out of all the things i hate, there’s so many that i love…

    i love the way you hold me.

    i love the way you can make me smile.

    i love how you are the only person i’ll stay up till 5 talking to.

    i love how i can have you in my life whenever i want.

    i love how when we go out i can do what i want but have you there after.

    i love how you tense up when i cry.

    i love how you dont let me win a fight, i wish people would call out my stubborness like you do.

    i love the way you make me feel.

    i love looking at my phone to 10 missed calls from you.

    i love how you worry whenever i go out with my friends.

    i love how you always have to make sure im safe even though we got in a fight the second before.

    i love how you never fail to confuse my life.

    i hope that one day we will be able to resolve all of our issues and be together becasue honestly i like you more than anyone in this entire world and if that means i love you then so be it, i love you. just dont ever leave me.

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