• I miss my best friend, but I don’t miss you

    by  • July 28, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Friends • 0 Comments

    I still remember the day that I met you. It was the same day that I fell in love with you. Your smile lit up the entire crowd that was gathered around you. I joined in, trying to make myself become even the slightest bit noticed by you. And after a while, I was. I became your close friend, and someone you’d confide in. I prayed that I was maybe viewed as something more than that in your eyes, but I didn’t push it. I was ready to settle for anything, as long as we could maintain the relationship we already had. I was okay with it all. You made me laugh as easily as the sun shines. You captivated every facet of my attention, and I couldn’t help but be intoxicated in your presence. Your embraces meant the world to me, and I wished I could stay in there for always. I stayed loyal by your side even when you went out with my friend and it nearly broke my heart. I was there to pick up the pieces for you when that ended, too. I never left you, not for a second. Whether it was friendship or love; or a combination, I stuck through it all. Then you made me care for you even more when you asked if I loved you and I admitted my true feelings. You made me euphoric when you told me that you felt the same. But you had a girlfriend. And in the end, you really didn’t care, you were just looking for information on your ex. When I tried giving you a second chance, but you wrecked that when you abused our friendship even more than you already had. So no, I don’t miss the person you became after all was said and done. That person ended up being a stranger to me. What I miss is my best friend. The one who would never do anything to hurt me. The one that I could confide all my secrets and dreams to, and know you wouldn’t laugh at them. Someone that trusted me whole-heartedly, and someone I knew for eight years of my life and had seen me through it all. I don’t miss the stranger you become. But I do miss the relationship we have. And that person will always have a small place in my heart. Even though they don’t exist anymore. They only exist in my memories.

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