• Good Riddance

    by  • July 28, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Goodbye • 0 Comments

    It’s finally over. All the hurt you put me through. All the tears you made me cry. All the panic attacks I had for fear of losing you. The way you treated me with such insensitivity and callousness. I was there for you when you needed me. I put my life on hold for you. I put my academic career in jeopardy for you and all I get is “Don’t remind me of the bad times that happened. It doesn’t make me feel happy.” Well no fucking kidding. You took advantage of how much I loved you. You said you love me too, but you couldn’t have. If you did, you would’ve never said the things you did to me. Treated me the way you did. Spoke to me with such harshness that people questioned my sanity by being with you. And then, when things were FINALLY at the end and we were breaking up, you STILL had the gall to try to blame it on me. “I told you to change things, but you said fuck it.” Well fuck you! I’m not the one that needs to change. You are. There’s clearly a reason why you’ve had 3 serious girlfriends and they haven’t worked out. Because you’re a punk. You think the world is owed to you and you expect whatever you want immediately. You take a good thing for granted when you have it. You’re selfish and mean and I have no pity for the hurt you’re feeling right now. It’s only a fraction of the pain you put me through for almost 10 months. So go ahead and be childish. Write statuses about me, talk shit about me, and delete me off of Facebook. There’s a reason why everyone, including your own friends, say that you don’t deserve a girl like me. Because they know good thing when they see it. I only hope that when you do find the girl that you will marry, that you’ll treat her right. Treasure her and treat her like a princess and do things for her that remind her daily why she fell in love with you in the first place. Good riddance and just a tip: act your age, not your shoe size.

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