• Give me a chance!

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    We both feel the same way.

    I know we do and you know it too.

    How can something that feels so right, supposedly be so wrong?

    I need you, you need me, we need each other and there is NO doubt
    about it.

    Honestly, how can you believe US is impossible when everything
    screams that we are already, so very possibly, together?

    I don’t want the world at me feet, all I want is you.

    You you you – please give me chance to prove to you that an always and forever is not only possible, it is US.

    Can’t you see? It is already there, undeniably…

    I not only love you, I am in love with you!

    If I would ever manage to leave, I know you would do anything to
    get me back. With so much pain and heartache on both sides – I don’t want that.

    Silly games of love only the young play.

    I have no fear that you wouldn’t finally see, I know you would but
    inside of myself something would break.

    I could never forgive myself for pushing you and I could never be certain
    that you could forgive me for that either.

    I want you for you, 100% you yourself.

    I understand why you may not want to listen to me, I do, just be fair love and don’t listen to ANYONE else but your own heart either.

    Give me a chance because I don’t ever want to life without you and yes, I know, you don’t want to life without me either.

    Nobody can have it all and even if you come so darn close, no!
    Not even you…there will always be something missing but I don’t
    want it to be ‘us’ anymore.

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    1. Author
      July 28, 2011 at 1:42 pm

      Gosh this sounds so vain yet desperate. Laughing and shaking my head about my own self. I swear, I am not as bad as I sound but he got me good 😛

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