• First and Only Love

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    I used to feel so complete, you were always by my side. Even after we broke up, you always sat next to me. But, that relationship, it was full of betrayal. You were in love with her, and you would tell me. It hurt. So much. I couldn’t understand. Why? Why? Then you dated all my friends, and a year later, Sammie tells me you used me. You won’t admit it, but I feel like its true. I was prettier then all of them. Still am. It made you popular, made the other girls want you because I had you.

    I remember when you asked me out, “can we talk? do you want to be my girlfriend?” I knew you would ask me the second you looked at me that day. I was in the clouds, no one could shoot me down. For that moment.

    Do you know how much I love you? No. I’d give anything to tell anyone you were mine. You tell people I’m your good friend, I’ll laugh and joke, when really I’m dying inside.

    You bring all of your skanks around, sometimes I swear you are just trying to make me jealous.

    But you are so sweet too. The way you whisper in my ear. When you come behind me and hold my hips. I remember the first dance we went to together, I felt like we really were meant to be.

    I want to call you and just tell you, I love you. But when I try to just plainly talk to you, you ignore me or give me one word answers. So maybe I need to walk away.

    Walk away, that makes my heart drop into my stomach to even think about it. But maybe, I need to.

    I love you, I wish you’ll give me the chance to tell you before I find someone else. You were my first love, my only love. No one I’ve ever meet does to me what you do.


    PS: I Love You.

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    1. Laurie G.
      July 28, 2011 at 1:46 pm

      this is so sad. love will find its way. just hope.

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