• but… is karma being lazy….??

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    Jotaro, it was stupid of me to think that I could change her mind or even effect her decisions…I shouldn’t have expected anything in the beginning. She has no conscience and she never will. There are people like that, and mother Teresa or Christ, or the Buddha have said that kindness and compassion are needed for those who don’t have a heart… It’s true, but I think I will stop showing kindness or compassion.

    Just like that scorpion that can’t swim, stung the turtle when it was riding on the turtle’s back to cross the river, just to sink with the turtle together; it’s not logic, it’s in their genes. There are those that repent but only few. Bad people will be bad people.

    They will never change what they do or their behavior. I’ve been the scorpion too, so I know. I also know that no one can force me to do anything, others can only influence me…

    She never shows appreciation or care… I’ve helped her so many times, saved her life, and she just used me. I asked her for only one simple thing and she said no. I really really hope that the karma will get her so badly. I wish she’d cry and ask for help again for others just to use them. But they won’t help her.

    I should have known that she is a scorpion. Just use people and she won’t do anything in return…there’s no concept of “returning a favor” in her. She never learned and never will.

    Why did I want to see the baby? Cuz the baby is exceptionally cute. I accept that…such a tragedy such a cute baby was born to her. She is a skunk, cunning… very, very bad criminal… She’s threatened the baby’s life… alas, life is so ephemeral.

    I hope she’ll get arrested soon and face her karma. I really can’t believe that she can’t do any good deed, just take advantage of people, lie to people and do bad things to people always. Your past won’t be put in consideration when the time comes. No one will believe you cuz when you move your lips that’s when you’re lying.

    And shae, you fat miserable bitch, who do you think you are? You’re too stupid, your brain must be made of fat, too. You’re real stupid and I’m sure the “karma” you claim will come back to you. Showing me what karma is? Haha, then what you do to me will come back to you, too! You’re an insane psycho stalker. I want to see your rotten body. You said you were raped before? There are many people who got over it and move on for their happy life. But you just wanna feel miserable so you keep thinking about it always. You’re the one that’s making your own life miserable. Yes, you’re like a zombie. Keep letting the fact you were raped forever and let it make your life miserable even more.

    I don’t have to do anything to you; because doing something back will only make me as low as you are. Karma will get you. You don’t know that the circle of karma has to stop somewhere and if you’re so great to “show me the karma”, you could have been the one to stop it. But you’ve let me be the one who stops it.

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