• what’s another word for angry

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    dear soon-to-be-ex-husband,

    you and i have dated 4 years and married only 3 months. something went wrong, and now you don’t love me anymore. i don’t know what i did wrong or why you want a divorce, but i don’t think i deserved it. i picked and picked at something that wasn’t broke, in turn breaking it. i wish i could change everything. the problem is you won’t let me. you won’t let me fix it. i need to get over you, but every time i think i have gotten over you i find one thing to cling onto. i forgot the smell of you and the way you look unless i look at pictures. i forgot the way you hugged me or helped me. maybe i was crazy. but i’m trying to fix myself. i don’t want to lose you, i keep fighting and fighting with you and it is the only way to even communicate with you. it sucks it is like i can’t even win i never will. i don’t want to lost you. i kept our dog. but i lost you. everything reminds me of you. i can’t fix this and i need to find some way to love you and you to love me.

    i don’t think i can honestly function without you. i love you so much.

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