• I’m so done.

    by  • July 27, 2011 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    Well hello there, you contridicting PRICK!!!

    I’ve just found out a little something that has well and truly fucked me off!!!! You’ve never really had a problem with opening your mouth and keeping quiet about things to me before, I guess you found it really fucking difficult to mention that you cheated on me-with your best ‘girl mate’. What a sly fucking prick, I can’t actually believe I let you go over to that slut’s house all the time and not think anything of it. I should have felt something was wrong when you went over to hers one time then rang me up after and tried to finish things with me, are you fucking serious? me and her-there is no comparision!!! blind cunt. I mean what does she have that I don’t?? because I’m really struggling to find something.

    I don’t understand why I’m still so fucking crazy over you, you treated me like absolute shit!!!!! You degraded and patronised me so much but yet I didn’t care because too me everything you did was ok. My friends would try and make me see what you was really like but no I would always try and justify your actions, and for WHAT?????!! so you can cheat on me. There is no justifying this I can now see for myself what my friends saw in you, your an insecure, self-absorbed and very jelouse little boy!

    Cheers for wasting my time you good-for-nothing CUNT!!!!!!!

    All the best, your BEAUTIFUL ex x

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