• I wish

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    Sometimes, when I’m alone and it’s quiet I remember the moment. The moment when my heart actually fell in love with you. The exhilarating and terrifying feeling of my heart free falling. That moment which was so short but so crammed with possibilities it’s unnerving to think about. Every thought was feverish and inspired. Every dream a distinct and very real possibility. The flushed skin. The erratic heart beat. Being lost yet found. Scared yet at peace. All of the sensations. Sound. Touch. Sight. So full of everything that it wants to burst from every pore in my skin. On the inside a raging inferno. On the outside quiet and calm.

    That moment, that one profound and absurd moment in time.

    I wish I could live in that moment forever. I wish I could wear it like skin. Drink it like water. Breath it like air. I wish it could saturate every fiber of my being. That moment is life! That moment is the closest thing to seeing heaven on earth. That moment is what inspires music, poetry, art, and the soul.

    That moment is why I wake up every morning and stay with you. I want that moment back.

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    1. M
      July 27, 2011 at 7:57 pm

      this was beautiful & made me want to feel that moment with someone more than anything. you are incredibly blessed to have experienced it and to have the ability to describe it so effortlessly yet perfectly.

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