• Thoughts about what happens in life

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    I am done, tired of dealing with this. I am never good enough, I’m only

    needed when there are problems and I’m the one who has to listen to them.

    All I want is be considered as important to you not just a person who is

    there when needed. I want you to treat me as you treat everyone else.

    I know there has been friends in your life who have not treated you

    right, but it does not mean you can’t trust some people and give you the

    right to treat them like nobody and have them let it go and be all

    okay. In the end you care about the people who dont care about you and

    just say they want to be in your life but their actions say otherwise.

    One day I hope to find a friend who appreciates me and that cares to be

    in my life. In the end nothing lasts forever even how hard you try, I

    guess you have to realize who cares about you and who values you but

    these days that is hard to find because everyone is selfish and all they

    care is for their well being, I think I should try that out for a while

    because all my life I am the one who is selfless and cares about

    everyones happiness, but who cares about my happiness and what I want,

    well in the end life goes on…………

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