• just one kiss.

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    Here I am again, sitting at my computer typing on and on about your pretty smile, the way you are perfectly imperfect, and how I’m STILL head over heels for you, after all these months. But the thing is this time, you’re actually going to be gone soon, one way or another. I just wish I wasn’t in a relationship with the other guy. (who i really am only using to help me get over you, but he really is so sweet) But before you go though, one way or another I want to kiss you.

    Just one kiss.

    To remind you that you’re not perfect to your parents, that kid next door, your trashy cousin, or your ex girlfriend, and that’s okay.. because you’re perfect to me.

    Please, just one kiss.

    To make you remember me.

    Just one kiss.

    To make up for all the times I never kissed you before, and now wish i had SO BADLY.

    Just one kiss.

    You don’t even have to tell anyone about it, I just want to see what you’re all about, and how it feels before I finally lose you.

    Just one kiss.

    To make you stop counting down your days to death.

    You’re at 143 left, by the way.

    Please, just kiss me once. I know you want to.

    Love, L.

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    1. linden
      July 26, 2011 at 6:31 pm

      oh my gosh! thats so sweet!
      hun, i hope you get your guy <3

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