• I’ve never been a patient person.. but I’ll wait for you <3

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    We’ve been together but short nine months and I feel like I’ve loved you more than anyone I’ve known in the past 24 years. When I’m with you I want to be a better person, my past and current problems disappear as I comfortably find my place in your arms. I know that I’m the first woman you’ve seriously dated since she did a little number on you, I know you’re afraid to say that you love me and only me but you show it so well. I’m writing this to you, to tell you it doesn’t matter whether or not you scream your affection to me– your actions say it all. They way you look at me leaves me breathless and is much more important than hearing those three little words. I’ve already confessed that I love you and can’t imagine my life without you now that you’re here, I love the fact that you express your enjoyment in hearing that– I know you aren’t stringing me along. The happiest days in my life are when I get to silently relax in your arms after a long day’s work, look you deeply in the eyes and kiss you on the nose. You are by far the best thing I’ve ever had and I can’t wait until you are finally comfortable enough to say that you love me as you show.


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