• I have HAD IT

    by  • July 26, 2011 • Eff Off - You - or Up • 0 Comments

    I’m sick of everything. You need to man up and learn to deal with problems. Sitting at home and sulking like a child when we can talk out our issues is just plain stupid. You do this every time, and every time you turn it on me and make it seem like it’s my fault. It’s not my fault that you sided with your douche bag friend who uses you, over me, someone who’s been there for you through EVERYTHING. And that includes you breaking your leg, your father, your friend issues, and your supposed mother “dying” and your “MS”. By the way, how is it you’re living with your mother if she’s supposed to be DEAD? You’re like a walking oxymoron, you never add up. You contradict yourself constantly. “I don’t like to party anymore”, yet that’s all you seem to ever do now. You’ve always been a liar, and you’re manipulative, making it seem like everything in some way is my fault. I’ve never started a problem with you, you’ve started all our fights. Then pussy out of talking about them with me, but love slandering my name to all your “friends”. I should have just tried dating your friend instead. Cause Lord knows you love fucking him over too. What kind of friend takes every girl his best friend is interested in? An asshole, that’s who. Oh, and have fun with Aksel. Cause talking down to women and stealing your money surely means he’s a great friend. When his dog attacked you, he cared more about his dog getting taken to the pound than you having to get stitches. And I just LOVE how you rub your ex’s in my face. The best part is, they all broke up with you. And for damn good reasons. They broke up with your sorry ass because you aren’t worth the trouble of keeping around. You cause unnecessary problems and drama and you bring everyone down. I learn more and more about how much of a conceited person you are. I want to personally apologize to Julien and Fran for what he’s done to you both. Fran, you are an amazing, wonderful, loving, supportive, caring person. I wish you nothing but happiness and to find someone who will always love you. You are the biggest sweetheart and I really wish it had been you I met and dated, not him. You totally deserve it and I’m sorry your friend treats you like trash. Julien, sweetheart, I hope you find a wonderful man to make you happy. You’ve let me rant to you and get out my frustrations and I can never thank you enough. And I’m going to personally buy you a new Call of Duty: Black Ops that that pompous ass refuses to return to you. And if I get that trip to New York, Sugar, you are coming with me. We’ll tear up that city like no one’s business. I’m glad I sent you that email, and I was way too damn nice with it. I should have let you have it and told you I’m dropping your sorry ass to find a man that’s worth my time. You’ve been nothing but a thorn in my side and now I’m getting you out. I hope you enjoy your meaningless sex. Cause those “good looks” you have, only last until you hit 25. Then you’ll look just like your dad. A hairy, fat, ugly man with no wife because you’re a fuck up of life. I hope we meet again in the future so you can see how much I’ve done with my life while you wasted yours. Good luck bitch, you’re gonna need it.

    I love this website. I seriously needed that.

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