• I can’t say “thanks” enough!

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    Dear Letters I’ll Never Send,

    I wanted to say “thank you” for always being there for me. I know that you are merely a website, but that is more than I can say for most people, including my friends and my family.

    You offered me a place to vent all of my frustrations, to cry on my keyboard while telling my sad story, to see that others are going through the same struggle that I am, or at least a similar one.

    Sure, some of my letters went largely unnoticed by the other members of this site, but I didn’t write the letters for them, I wrote them for me. I wrote one to who would have been my first born son, and one to my future mother-in-law who made me give up the life of my son before he could be born. Neither of these people will ever see what I wrote on this site, and if my mother-in-law does, she won’t know it was me, for that, I also thank you

    I went through the biggest struggle of my life while on here, and I used this website between therapy sessions to get my feelings out. Now I feel as though I can better deal with things on my own (thank God). But I also know that you are always there for me! so, thank you to all who read this, and thank you to the admins of this site!!


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    1. admin
      July 26, 2011 at 11:57 pm

      Thank you, Amanda, for taking the time to write! I am so happy to hear that you are overcoming such a tremendously difficult situation…and I do remember reading your letters. Here is wishing you all the best!


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