• Hey You.

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    Hi you.

    I miss you. You were the best thing to ever happened to me, and you leaving was the worst. You knew how important you were to me and how much I cared about you; I just never found the time to say the three words that could have changed everything. I love you. No matter what else was going on in my life as long as I had you nothing could ever really be that bad. That was two years ago though. And I’m happy now, but I still miss and think about you every day. You got me the way no body else had. You make me laugh and smile constantly. I’ve never been happier then when we were together. We just worked. I felt so comfortable around you. I’m skeptical when it comes to love but if it is out there it has to be me and you. I wish I knew what ever happened to us. It’s too late now though. We will both be leaving this small town in less than a month. Were on two seperate paths and I hate not knowing what your up to. When we do get to talk or see eachother all those feelings come back. I know your going to do great things and I’ll always be your little cheerleader. I still find myself talking about you all the time. My friends probably think I’m pathetic. I could go on forever about you. You’ll still never know. I wish I didn’t miss my chance. You’ll forever have a place in my heart and be the one who got away.


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