• everything I’ve titled on this website is a song that reminds me of you

    by  • July 26, 2011 • Closure • 2 Comments

    What happened, you idiot?
    I hope you think about me every time you statutory rape the slut you call your girlfriend.
    You are so pathetic.
    People avoid you because of how trashy you are.
    Why did I like you?
    Why do I still think about you?
    You’re smelly and dirty and you have so much potential you’re never going to use and your life is a joke.
    You are a pathetic piece of shit.
    Your parents have given up on you and I feel sorry for you.
    I could’ve been the one to help you.
    I could’ve tried to make you stay away from your loser friends who, just like you, are going no where and will probably OD on something within the next two years.
    I could’ve helped, I think.
    That’s all.
    The only thing you will ever have going for you is your sense of humor.
    But that can only get you so far in life, you mother fucking idiot.
    I hope you’re happy being a loser with a 15 year old girlfriend who lost her virginity when she was like, 12.
    God, she’s just as much of a winner as you are.
    You are so pathetic.
    You’re a bad liar.
    You were always a fucking Taylor Swift song waiting to happen.
    I don’t care that you don’t think about me.
    I’m the best thing you ever had.
    And you left me for something so INFERIOR, that sometimes it’s funny.
    But most of the time, how much you lied to me isn’t funny.
    You deserve the absolute worst.
    Go trip on some acid and forget all your problems.
    Go drink your life away.
    Go fuck your little girl.
    When I’m a famous author one day, I’ll make sure you know.
    I’ll make sure to explain to the country how pathetic you are.
    Everyone’s going to know how fucking worthless you are.
    I wish I never would have met you, my life would be so much better.
    I hope you’re happy, but I hope your life is miserable.
    I hope you think I’m a crazy person.
    I hope you don’t think you’re worthless, because everyone else does.
    Except your child of a girlfriend, you fucking sick asshole.

    Did I mention how pathetic you are?

    I can’t believe someone as useless as you made me feel small.

    You are a joke.

    I’ll always be better than you, and I’ll grow up and lead a life that is ten times better than anything you will ever amount to.

    I hope you’re a bus boy for the rest of your life and you decide, when you’re fucked up on DMT one night, that showering is not essential. And I hope you get staph everywhere on your body. Your girlfriend already looks like she has it because of her greasy acne all over her face.

    I don’t have any acne. If I tried hard enough I could be a model.
    And you are “dating” a fucking high school junior with greasy skin, no intelligence, and a reputation that compares to a fucking underpaid teenage hooker that people only hang around because she always has drugs. God, you are so pathetic.

    Have fun living in a trailer when you grow up, I’ll be living it up somewhere laughing my fucking ass off at you.

    You could say I’m only saying this because I’m mad at you for leaving me, but I’ve really started to believe you’re as worthless as everyone else says.

    And I had sex with Brian the other day. And it was awesome.

    Go fuck yourself, or the 11 year old you’re raping daily.

    Hahahahahahahaha white trash!

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    1. meaghan
      July 26, 2011 at 1:32 pm

      but you still love him. i understand how you feel. it will be ok, i promise.

    2. ...
      August 5, 2011 at 2:57 am

      i hope so

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