• And Then You Came Along…

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    There are times when we all feel like we’ll never find love…or at least covet that feeling of being wanted by someone, and for a long, long time, that was me…and then you came along…

    I was hurt you see, still licking my wounds from the last tumble I took down this path towards love, bitter, full of resentment, after being rejected AGAIN by someone who I cared very much for, only to be shoved aside… but when you came along it had already been a year since he had left me…

    What I liked was that YOU approached ME. I had never had that. I had never felt coveted or pretty or interesting for that matter. I was always the one looking in, wanting someone who I knew would never want me back. And then there was you. I had never really noticed you, and then voila out of nowhere there you were.

    We started talking and typical me I told you that if you were just looking for someone to fool around with then you’d be wasting your time because I wasn’t that kind of girl. Straight out. You laughed and made fun of me for assuming that, had he given me reason to think that way? MMmmmm kind of, but it was best to be honest and not end up with another notch in my heart. And so it began…I couldn’t get you off my mind, we’d text each other at the same times…what would you say? it was your telepathetic ( intentional misspelling people) abilities you knew when I was thinking of you…and yes for a while I think we were infatuated with each other. I would say your name and I would have the dumbest look on my face, one of my friends called it the “stuck on stupid” face…but you know for the first time in a long time I was actually happy.

    Sorry guys this isn’t a happily ever after story. He wasn’t my soul-mate and he FINALLY found me. No… he was just a boy who wanted to get to know me…who was attracted to ME, who wanted to know me because I was honest and funny and for some reason he also found me attractive… though it didn’t work out, I’m glad I met him. At first I wasn’t, don’t get me wrong, at first I thought this was Fates way of sticking it’s tongue out at me saying ‘nah nah nah nah nah!!!’ …but then after a couple of days of reflection…I realized that had it not been for him I would have given up hope. At least now I KNOW what that feeling is like…to of had seen him smile at me from across the room and know that at that moment we felt the same thing…and that when he held me close he too felt that feeling and it wasn’t a platonic thing with me hoping for a different outcome. So for that I am thankful and glad you came along.

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    1. Sandy
      July 30, 2011 at 11:46 pm

      Wow…at least you learned something from it.



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