• You & I, will always be unfinished business

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    I’v known you a long, long time my friend. For as long as I can remember you have been my brother’s best friend and for equally as long a part of me has always admired you. Through the years that admiration turned into a niggling “what if” but don’t get me wrong even I couldn’t predict what happened last week. It was 100% my idea. I take full responsibility for my actions. But you didn’t have to do it again sober in the morning did you rock star…? If my brother found out he would be heart broken. I actually think that he loves you more than he loves me. It makes me question my actions, why did I do that to my only sibling? Was it just a way to get back at him for all the years we have argued and disagreed? Or do I have real genuine feelings for you?

    Fast forward one week, I’m standing in the crowd at your show. You look so amazing up there, I just want to speak to you. My brother’s 3 feet away and i’m trying so hard not to look at you for too long so he doesn’t suspect a thing. Don’t think I didn’t see you staring right back.

    Few days later no more confusion, I’m checking of phone erratically just incase you might have the sudden urge to text me. this might mean I’m into you a little more than planned. I seriously can not stop thinking about you. My brother begins to discuss your “new girlfriend”. In that one second everything is as clear as day. I want you so much.

    You and me is a beyond ridiculous idea. I know this. You live with him. It would never work. Everyone would hate us. My brother would disown both of us. You wouldn’t have a place to live. But as insane, selfish, unthinkable, wrong as it may be. If you asked me, I would say yes. I honestly think we would be perfect together. For now, ill pretend im ok with all of this. I wont say a thing. But I know you want me back. One day, one day you and me will be together. And my god, ill be waiting!

    I am in love with you.

    From the girl who is more than just his little sister.

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