• Uncertainty

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    Dear fiancee,

    I don’t know what has happened between us. We met and I knew. I just knew you were the love of my life. I knew we would one day be married. I knew you loved me too. I didn’t come on to you. I let you know I existed and let you do the rest. We’ve been together a while now. It’s been smooth sailing the whole way. Until now. All of a sudden, we just sit together and stare towards the TV. Your mind working on an excuse to leave me. My mind on someone that isn’t you. But we both know it doesn’t matter. Where would we be without each other? Homeless, probably. Lonely. Miserable. But only because we’ve already eliminated all our options out of confidence in our love. Now we’re stuck here whether we like it or not. And we don’t. It’s not that I hate being with you. But it’s not what I really want. And I know I’m no good to you and you want to run off to other parts of the world and make something of yourself while I want to stay where I’m comfortable. But here we’ll both stay. Stuck in this run-down town until we’re old and resentful. Married and sleeping in separate bedrooms. But we’ll both keep on pretending this is what we really want. We’ll be together forever with forced smiles on our faces as we try not to sit too close.

    I miss us,
    empty shell

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