• Tiana S.

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    I don’t know if you will ever find this. If you do just know that i love you.

    There are a couple of things that you will never know about me but i want you to know. I feel that if i told you, that it would take out the surprise in our relationship. All i want to do is fill your life with something fun and exciting because it’s what you inspire out of me. You make me crazy but i can’t imagine living any other way. i find myself doing more and more crazy things just to get your attention. As stupid as i look i find that i’m happier, i think that the reason behind that is because i’m actually doing what my heart wants to do. I tried to explain my love for you but the moment i did it wouldn’t do it justice. Words couldn’t explain the endlessness of how i feel, and as i write this i find that even this doesn’t justly explain what i feel but it will have to do because this is coming out in a comprehensive way. When things would go silent and you would ask “what i was thinking about?”. Every single time i would say you because the truth was that i wanted to find some way to show you what you do to me and i was thinking about new ways to do that.

    every day i said you i love you was every day i thought you were perfect.

    Love Prince Harry

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