• thank you.

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    Dear Ryan,

    You drive me crazy. You make me feel sick. You make me cut. You make me lose control of my already control-less life. Ever since the first time you came over, you have taken my life from positive to negative. And I honestly hate you because of it.

    you have no idea how much pain i went through after you kissed sara. after you left me standing there by my car, alone. after i asked you to talk to me and you turned around and slammed the door in my face. the tears that fell down my face never ended. the pain and emptiness in my heart, it’s still there. i don’t get how you could do this to me.

    the second time you came over, just a few weeks ago. but i remember that i told you how i wanted to die. i told you that i hated my life. i told you that this was hard for me. i told you that i was scared to get hurt. i told you SO much crap that i was dealing with. and what did you say? you said you would ALWAYS be there for me to talk, no matter what.

    but you lied. just like you lie about everything else you do. but who am i to judge? i guess i lost that authority a while ago. but guess what. you still ruined my world. and i will NEVER forgive you for that. never forgive you for the pain on my arm. the pain in my heart. the damage to my brain and soul and self esteem.

    so thank you for that. really, thank you.

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