• Sitting. Waiting. Wishin.

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    Dear Life,

    I’m always waiting for something. A new day to end a bad one. My boyfriend to visit from another country (and to find out when). To be able to talk to him once or twice a week on the phone, I wish it was everyday. My 21st b-day. School to start. Something new and or exciting to happen in my daily life. Work to be OVER. To graduate college. For the rest of my life to begin. For what the future holds for me. For my paycheck. For sleep. For a call. For my Peace Corps Application. For my internet to work. For friends to text back. For a warm day on a cold one and some cool relief on a hot day. To possibly be moving to a whole new country. For ANYTHING different from my routine.

    I hate wishing time away and hardly ever do. But I’m sick of waiting. But as always I will continue to wait, so that when it comes and goes, I won’t regret wishing time to fly.


    Stuck in a Rut.

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