• Jonathan 17

    by  • July 25, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    You cannot possibly claim that I don’t love you Jonathan. Just because I wear… clothes… does not mean that I’m asking guys to look at me. In my eyes, guys don’t exist. Aside from you. There are nice people, and there are mean people, and there’s Jonathan. And it doesn’t really matter who’s a nice person and who’s a mean person because I don’t care about any of them as much as I care about you. The guy on the ferry was 60. Just saying. I was not flirting with a 60 year old. I wrote you every night I was there. And sometimes when my grandparents were gonna turn off all the lights and go to bed, I would go out and sit in the hallway of the hotel so I could finish writing to you. And I bought you a present. It’s a dream catcher. And last night… I still have a headache from the freaking out I did last night. You can’t tell me I don’t love you. You can’t tell me I don’t do enough for our relationship. I try so hard for us Jonathan, and you tell me I love some stupid books more than I love you??? It’s hard to hear that… Like… why am I doing all this if he doesn’t even notice… Tell me you notice. Tell me you know I love you. Tell me you love me back. You gotta know I love you. You gotta.

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