• I’ll never forget…

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    We often stop to ponder if the reason we feel a vibration between us is our imagination because we wanted it to happen… we wanted to be soulmates… because of what happened… even though we knew we couldn’t be together. That is the way I feel about things. We don’t even realize how much we mean to each other because we both tend to hide how we really feel. You’ve let me know I mean the world to you, you’ve let me know you have feelings too. I will never forget.

    Do you remember that day sitting in your living room? You stopped by just for a bit but it was enough time for us to see each other’s soul… and know. I saw how happy it made you when you said you were just checking on something. The way you smiled at me as you said it. I will never forget.

    Do you remember the day you ran up behind me and tickled my back? The way you were leaning against the house and the way you said “really real, good.” You were telling me that you were glad it was really real. I will never forget.

    Do you remember, on the same day when you were sitting across the table from me in your dining room talking to the group? Did you notice the way I lowered my head when I knew you were coming to the point in your conversation where your eyes would find mine? While my head was lowered I felt your gaze and when I didn’t look your way, you kept that gaze until I finally looked your way. And do you remember the way you blew me away with what you said? After you realized what you said, you made sure to let me know you was with her. I couldn’t help but smile… I want you to be happy and her too. I will never forget.

    But we also feel guilt for the way we feel. As we ponder as to why we felt those things…we feel like if we wanted it enough, we can make it happen with other people too. I don’t know about you, but you are the only person I have ever had that kind of connection with and I doubt if there is anyone else out there that can look me in the eyes the way you did… I could see your soul and you mine. What a wonderful feeling it was. I will never forget.

    There are so many more things I could write about what I will never forget, but I am going to save it for my book… the book that won’t end until I have my happy ending. I just hope that I will be alive to publish it and make some CASH!!

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