• I kissed a girl…and I liked it…but we already knew that, didn’t we.

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    I cheated on you today. I went to her house and as we were about to watch a movie, she started tickling me. I knew we would end up kissing and I wanted to kiss her and I did. She doesn’t kiss like you do. She’s very soft and gentle and her lips have a firm feel to them. She sat onto of me for a while. I didn’t want her to get off. It was amazing. Feeling her curves, her soft skin underneath my fingertips, her hair tickling my cheek, her eyes peeking at me, her legs wrapped around my waist..I loved every moment of it. But I kept thinking of you. How you knew this would happen. Even as I was denying it to you last night on the phone, I was thinking about it. Even now, I wish I could be there again. What’s worse is right after she dropped me off, I made you come over for a while. We ended up fooling around, as always, but it was..different this time. It wasn’t romantic. It wasn’t really even with each other. We mutually pleasured ourselves and then you left right after. Even as you were finishing off, I didn’t really want to be there with you. I guess I used you. But I love you. So very much. More then you’ll ever know. But I want to keep fooling around with her. And I think I am going to.

    I’m sorry…

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    1. A
      July 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm

      Almost this same situation happened to me. I was just so curious and I still am. It doesn’t feel like cheating though, it feels different.

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