• I Hate You.

    by  • July 25, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Anger • 0 Comments

    I don’t think you’re scary. I think you’re more pathetic than scary. You all chose to demean people, put them down and make sure they stay at your level. You’re sad. You’re the type of people I despise- and I hope you realize how scum-like you are. How worthless you are.

    What right do you have to take that happiness from them?

    They’ll go somewhere in life, I know it. They’ll be great people with a respectable careers.

    You people? At this rate, you won’t. You’ll go nowhere.

    I always say I wouldn’t wish negatives on people. But with what you do to people, I hope you fail.

    You’re worthless.

    I hate to demean people. I hate to even call you people worthless– you people who take everyone’s happiness and try to tear it apart. Because you’re people too, and deserve the same respect… but..

    You’re so worthless… I hate people like you! You don’t have any right to take away people’s happiness! The people you put down are amazing human beings who have so much going for them! So what if they aren’t popular? So what if they aren’t “cute” or “sexy?” They’re people! And they deserve just as much respect as any other human being. How many brilliant young people have lost their lives because of inconsiderate assholes like you stupid “bullies?”

    But all a person like me can do, one of those people who try and befriend the people who you all torture, just so they can have someone to support them, all I can do is sit back and try and help them!

    I hate watching you do what you do, and seeing the aftermath of so many people who you affect.

    Even if I’m not bullied, I feel worthless because I can’t help the people who are bullied.

    I hate people who demean others.

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