• I hate you

    by  • July 25, 2011 • Anger • 0 Comments


    I hate you. I hate you more than you will ever understand. You’re just like the person I left behind to better myself. You’re a liar and cheat. You can’t be loyal to anyone or anything. You can’t even take care of yourself yet you pretend like you can tell me what to do. News flash you stuck up bitch, I had to work for my pleasent life, I earned my stripes, and above all your life was easy as all can be, don’t you EVER tell me what to do, how to act, or even remotely try and get involved with my love life. Get a life, stop chasing after Brandon, stop obsessing over every guy with a dick, and don’t EVER talk to me again until you can muster up a bit of respect and you locate the truth. Get the fuck out of high school, you graduated two years ago.

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