• Dear Louis,

    by  • July 25, 2011 • Closure • 0 Comments

    I think I may have loved you. I really may have. But you wronged me so many times, I think you demolished any love I may have had left over for you. I was your first “love”, first kiss; you were my first boyfriend, my first everything. I thought what we had was more special to you than just something you throw away and move on from in a week. I sure as heck wouldn’t have done that to you, I respect you more than that. Well I should say respected. My respect for you is gone. You don’t know how to treat women, I always saw it with how you ordered your mother around but brushed it away. You wouldn’t treat me like that would you? Wrong. You tossed me aside. Started dating the first girl who talked to you afterwards. And hid it from me because you were too ashamed of your actions to make them public. Then to rub it in my face with all those statuses and lovey dovey stuff all over facebook? Real low of you. You think you’re better off without me? All my friends called you all dick no balls. I never believed them up until recently. Plus all this “let’s be friends” crap I keep hearing from you? Total bull, you just don’t want to leave behind a bitter ex girlfriend who hates your guts. Well too bad you did. You don’t love me anymore, I know that, but you could’ve respected me and our past relationship enough to give it time. Give me time. But no, of course not, onto the next fool who thinks you’ll be nicer to her than the last one. You never even text me, never talk to me, so who do you think you’re fooling with us being friends? Nobody. But I’m the fool here. I should’ve known you’re always going to be the same manwhore, same foolish little boy, same person who’s in love with being in love, and same judgemental dick who called me stupid and judged me and my friends, even when I did nothing wrong. Well guess what, you’re the one who missed out. I’ll take myself, and all the good and bad to someone else who loves and deserves me, not some pansy little kid who likes to pretend he’s older than he is by dating outside his grade. Go back to your grade where you belong, and cower in a corner from life all you like, because I’m growing the balls you never had and moving on, and these tears I’m shedding over this letter will be the last ones over your unworthy behind.

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