• You’ve Saved Me From Myself

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    In less than two months, you have grown to mean the world to me. I’m falling in love with you more and more everyday, and I’m still just waiting for the right time to tell you. I was scared that for the two weeks I was away, you might find someone to replace me, due to the lack of confirmation of seriousness behind our relationship… And I honestly thought you had found someone else. But I came to realize that my own insecurities in no way reflect reality. You’re not that type of person. You’re so much better than any of the men from my past; the comparison shouldn’t even exist. When i’m with you, the rest of the world seems to disappear and fade away into the background. When I talk to you, I feel as though everything in life makes sense. When you hold me, I feel as though nothing in the world is ever going to hurt me again. Just the mere thought of you drives me mad, brings butterflies to my stomach and makes my whole body run on ecstasy.

    I love that I can tell you anything and everything. When I found out that my mom might have MS, you were the first person I told, because I was at a loss over what to do. I didn’t know how to react. So I went to you for comfort, and the compassion behind your few simple words meant the world to me. You’re still the only person who i’ve confided this in, even though many of my friends consider her to be their second Mother. You were there for me the rest of that week, as I vented over the seemingly never ending list of problems which seemed to be arising in my family, on what was supposed to be a great vacation.

    You’ve driven me to better myself and become a person that i’ve always been capable of being, but never had the right motivation. I’m ready to begin a healthy, happy life, but I want you by my side, helping me to stay on the right path. You have had a much greater impact on my life than you will ever know, and hopefully one day soon, I can tell you just how much I need you.

    Until then;
    I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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