• Unpretty.

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    To whom it may concern…

    We dated for a good chunk of my high school years. You were my first real boyfriend, my first everything. You were my high school sweetheart, and there is no denying that I fell in love with you.

    After 2 years, you decided that I wasn’t cutting it, so you cut me out of your life. Just like that, you removed me from your world. With doing that, you shattered mine.

    It’s been a good while since we dated, but you’ve been stringing me along for this whole time. I’ve tried to move on, but you keep coming back. You make me believe you want me back, and then you cut me out again and again..

    I want you to know, you have made me feel like the ugliest girl in the world.

    I feel like no one can love someone like me.
    You made me feel irrelevant.
    You made me feel unworthy of love.

    Even after so long, I cry myself to sleep thinking, “why can’t I just be beautiful?”
    And the answer is: because you made me unpretty.

    I will always love you, there is no doubt about that.
    But I will ALWAYS despise you for making me unpretty.


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