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    Dear Amigo,

    I have known you for almost nine years, and since I met you in middle School i felt something for you… We were so little but yet you caught my heart…with all the playing around of having crushes I never told you about my feelings I had for you. But I remember I had a friend do it for me… I don’t know exactly what happened but you DID give me flowers…and to me that was the most happiest day of my life! I could not believe you had given them to me, maybe to you was nothing… Yet on my year book you wrote “sorry for being an ass” …so you probably knew what was going on….

    ..anyway too many observations i had….and NOW…
    we stopped talking for some other reasons and the last 2 years we have been in touch and have gotten really close.. but the thing is that I don’t know if you are being a great friend or a boy who is trying to do it’s best for me. Since I have the “eyes” of love for you, I see everything as a love gesture but in real life i have no IDEA because you don’t seem to be clear about it. 

    ,…you have told me you want to go out on a trip since we both are turning 21 soon, and I just can’t get my mind to think that you actually want to take a trip with ME! is it just because you think i’m your great friend or is it because you like me and wants to do that with me!???? 
    How can I know??
    yes! ask…but ..
    …since you know I had a crush on you when we were little..then how should i tell you …you are gonna think that I am CRAZY AND OBSESSED! you might not be comfortable with me anymore…

    I think of you as my other half…since the business we had together you have showed me so much and I just look up to you and i have seen how much you have grown and matured..and I just really wish i could keep growing and maturing RIGHT by your side!Together… you are a young man who has so much character in him and you make me happy all the time. MY HEART IS MAGNETIC FOR YOU…

    With Love your 
    Business partner, 
    your friend, 
    your classmate,
     your senorita de la casa con una puerta y una ventana 😉

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