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    You are intelligent, attractive, talented, and sociable. You feel as though you have been put here to do something great, and rationally, this completely within your reach. Somehow, it’s eluding you and you stay stagnant. You keep going to your part time job, you enroll in those boring community college courses you learn nothing in because you have to, you spend your days running into people you’ve known your whole life and the monotony and forced smiles are wearing you thin day by day. Relationships are a boring prospect because nobody is worth the time anymore. People are placed within groups and while all these people may be different, their views, ideologies, hobbies, and sometimes even fashions are the same. Surrounding yourself with these people are a mere distraction and you return afterwards suffocating socially in an endless cycle that ceases to be quenched. The worst part is you’re stuck. You aren’t financially stable enough to go anywhere. Your escape doesn’t exist.

    What do you do?

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