• Please, let me go…

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    Dear person who won’t let me go,

    This is not suicide letter, this is not a running away letter. I simply want you to let me live my life with out you. We grew up together, I helped you with your ups and downs, was there when your family had troubles, and I even attended your wedding after I had begged you to please let me go. I am tired of being there for you, doing what you want to do, doing what you enjoy, doing what makes you laugh, comfort you when you cry, even there to tell you how to tell off the jerks in your life.

    I only want to move on with my life, cry my own tears, smile my own smile, do what I enjoy and laugh because I can. I don’t want to be your harnessed whipped dog anymore, I want to lead my life, I don’t want you to put me back onto the shelf for you to take down to save you like you would with a teddy bear. I know we were best of friends, but you set me aside for your boyfriend, then he turned to your fiance, and then your husband, and that was okay, I am happy I have given you the space to grow and evolve and share memories with your soon passing father. But please I beg you don’t try to make up for the time I let you move on and grow, don’t try to help me, I don’t want help. I only want to grow and evolve in the ways I have allowed you myself.

    Is that so much to ask? I can only guess it is, you still throw temper tantrums over video games and tell me what I need to do, what I should do.

    Just please, I beg you, I love you, but please, please let me go.

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