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    before you get all offended or get upset or angry or whatever it is that you do,
    just read. i think it’s time that you knew what i think.
    because of everything you do,
    it makes me want to cut, or commit suicide.
    you’re lucky that i don’t,
    because i know what that would do to everyone who is involved in my life,
    and i have more to live for than that.
    i’m smart enough that i don’t make those mistakes,
    but sometimes i just can’t stand you.
    if you cared enough,
    you wouldn’t make me act this way.
    sure i understand that sometimes,
    it’s hard to face the truth,
    but that’s life.
    like it or not,
    i don’t care anymore.
    it’s my life,
    i live for me,
    not you
    or anyone else for that matter.
    i really wish that you would just listen for once,
    instead of being the stubborn mule that you are.
    you always think that you have to have the last word on everything.
    doesn’t matter what we’re talking about,
    you just have to have the last word.
    you always think that it’s always gotta be about you,
    or what you want to do,
    you never even ask about anyone else.
    your temper is what’s gonna end you.
    you wonder why i act this way,
    yet the answer is clearer than water.
    it’s you.
    when i ask a question,
    a simple answer would be nice,
    but you just don’t care.
    when all you have to do is admit
    that you don’t know.
    i don’t like being bored,
    it makes me want to go crazy.
    you won’t let me go anywhere,
    there’s nothing to do out here,
    so why bother trying to keep me out to “socialize”?
    please, enlighten me,
    tell me why.
    or if not that,
    then tell me how you plan to keep me anywhere.
    i’d like to know.
    before we moved,
    we didn’t have this problem.
    because i could go somewhere without being questioned.
    i could walk out of the house and go somewhere where i didn’t have to be around all of the hate, and anger.
    i could go somewhere where i could just be myself and not have to worry about
    “oh will they approve??”
    but now i don’t really give a crap anymore.
    remember what happened and why i didn’t tell anyone?
    it’s because i didn’t want anyone to judge me.
    but now i see the world for what it really is.
    and that is a whole bunch of lies.
    maybe it’s just me,
    but i think the world would be a whole lot better without people like you.
    i said like you, i didn’t say “You”,
    but you’re my mom,
    and the only one i’ll ever have.
    i just wish you would listen from time to time.
    say that i’m just hateful, or that i have a “chip on my shoulder”
    or that i have attitude problems,
    i don’t care.
    i’m an emotionally scarred teenage girl who wants to make the most of her life in the little time she has.
    take this to heart when i say that you only live once.
    make the most of it,
    live the dream,
    live your life the way you want to,
    live your life to the fullest,
    and grab it buy the horns cuz it’s one wild ride.
    that is what i want to do.
    being bored will not help, at all.
    i really hope this has given you something to think about.
    if you think grounding me for speaking my mind is going to change anything, you’re wrong.
    i really hope you know what you’re doing, but it’s not working.

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    1. Someone Else's Mom
      July 25, 2011 at 3:43 am

      Sounds more like you’re feeling sorry for yourself, and acting like a typical teenager. Here’s something to think about for you, you’re always gonna have to answer to someone and it won’t always be Mom, you’re always gonna have to do something you would rather not do, and in the end the world is going to feel any more sorry for you then than it does now. Welcome to the game of life, it’s not always fun and games, you got to take the good with the bad. Furthermore, your Mom puts restraints on you, because she loves you, if she didn’t love you, she wouldn’t care what you have done or will do. One day when you have children of your own, you will realize just why Mom is the way she is with you now. Imagine, if she didn’t care, you would likely be knocked up by some loser, and Mom wouldn’t be there to hold your hand or help you thru, help you and baby survive because she wouldn’t care remember? You could be caught up in drugs on a path of certain death, along the way a world of wrong doing I am sure. Here’s something, if she didn’t watch out for you, who’s to say you wouldn’t be kidnapped? How does being rapped, beaten, murdered even sound to you? Oh with that in mind you don’t have it so bad now do you? I am sure you don’t make life any easier for her, and remember this she could have chosen abortion, but she chose your life instead. Trying being a little thankful for a change, try realizing that just maybe she loves you, and for once maybe show a little love in return. As you said, you only have one Mom, and she won’t be here forever. There will be a time in your life after she’s dead and gone that you’re gonna wish she was there for you, and that’s all you will have is a wish!

      -Someone Else’s Mom-

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