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    my amazing otter…

    do you know how it makes me feel when you are still good friends with your ex-girlfriend? how much it hurts because she uses you and treats me like crap? i understand that you both have been friends for years, but what will happen if you have to choose between the 2 of us. i know that she is taller and prettier than me, but she dumped you after 2 months. i have loved you with all of my heart for almost 2 years. i know that i am not the best athlete or the best at sewing or good at videogames or cooking, but would you still choose me?

    i may not be the most confident person you know or the tiniest. i may not be the best dressed or the sluttiest. but i love you. i can see myself marrying you after we finish college, but what about you? i know that you try not to think about that part of the future, but would you? am i wasting my time trying to get you to understand what is happening? i have always loved your smile, your silly amazing smile. every time i see it, it makes me smile. you know how to make me laugh, and make me feel better when i cry. i have tried to talk to you about how i feel when she is around you, about how i feel alone. i know that you deserve time with your friends, but is she really a friend? all i have seen her do is be a complete and horrible bitch towards everyone. so what am i to do? i know that you see her as someone you can talk to about anything, but should you really talk to her about us?

    i will always love you. my heart is and always will be in your hands. please dont break it, because i don’t think that i will ever recover. please love me for who i am, not who everyone wants me to be. please support me when everyone else tells me i am not worth it. i will always support you and love you for who you are.
    always, your tigeress.

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