• I Want You.

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    Because I’d rather tell the world than tell you…

    I don’t want him. I want…I want… you. I only want you.

    Sure, he’s nice; but he’s not you. He could never understand me the way you do. I could never truly be me with him, or anyone else for that matter. Just you. Only you. You are the only one I want.

    I want your humor, your cunning, your bitterness, your compassion, your Flintstone feet, your polos, your beard, your eyes, your blushing cheeks. You. All of you.

    You love me for exactly the way I am. I love you for exactly what you are. I’d never ask you to change and you’d never ask that of me either.

    I look at you sometimes and think, “my /god, he makes me so…happy.” You make me happy. Why would I want to ever give that up?

    It’s like God put you on this earth just for me, and He put me here just for you. Can’t you see? Don’t you feel that? How can that be anything but sacred?

    I’ve tried to stop loving you like this- to only be your friend, and nothing more- but I can’t. I love you more and more everyday.

    I am at home with you. Home. That’s you. I feel like everything’s okay, it’s alright, when I’m with you.

    You are my best friend. My confidant. The love of my life.

    Meeting you was chance. Becoming your friend was choice. But falling in love? That was way beyond my control.

    I’m sorry. I wish you felt the same way. That’s way I stay silent. Maybe one day I’ll be fool enough to tell you to your face; but for now, Internet, hear me:


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      July 25, 2011 at 1:39 am

      That was beautiful

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