• I Just Realized How Wrong You Are For Me

    by  • July 24, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Letting Go • 1 Comment

    For awhile now i’ve been completely head over heels crazy in love with you. My entire world has revolved around you. You might as well have been a god to me. I’ve given up so many things just because I knew in the end I would have you. In my mind you were my soulmate. But today sitting in church of all places…it hit me. You are so wrong for me. BEYOND wrong. There’s always been signs that you were wrong but of course I completely ignored them because in my heart I knew you were right and my heart is always right isn’t it?…NOT. You are a player. Always have been. Always will be. You are grumpy. Every day. You complain about everything. You are so negative. You act like the world revolves around you. You gossip more than every girl in my school. You are completely overdramatic. You flirt with everything that has boobs. You think you can get away with flirting with everything that has boobs. You refuse to think about anyone but yourself. And most of all you treat me and most other people like SHIT. I should have never told you how strong my feelings for you were because at that moment I became a dog on a leash. You could neglect me all you wanted and I would still be there. You have left me hanging for so long telling me it was worth the wait because when it was over I would finally have you. You would be mine forever. But after a long time of ignoring every bad thought that came into my head I’ve realized that that’s never going to happen. Ever. And honestly I’ve also come to realize that I don’t want it to. You are the reason for so much negativity in my life. You are the reason I’m not as a close to my friends. You are the reason why I’ve felt so alone. You are SO WRONG for me. So please just let me go and try to get my life back together. Let me find the happiness I had before I fell for you.

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    1. Angel
      July 25, 2011 at 1:12 am

      Thanks for posting this… it feels good to know other people go through the same things.

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