• found and lost

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    Dear love,

    Should I call you that? we’ve met about 2 years ago, and we haven’t seen each other for months. And when I saw you, I just said: Hi! What are you doing here?

    Should I call you that? We talked for 5 hours and we just couldn’t stop. I’m sure you remember that, that wasn’t so far in time. And then you said: I just loved this 2 days with you.

    And then, we kissed. And you asked me: “what do you want?” I know I said the wrong answer, but I know now: “What do you want?”

    Should I call you that, after those simply words you said to me? “This is all a huge surprise, but I know that some girls are made to flirt, others to some fun…but you are made to be serious, and I can’t have nothing else with you because it would be so wrong…”

    Should I call you that when you just went one week out, you pass all days saying that you miss me, and you come back with your lips saying an old girl’s name that you fell in love last year? Should I?

    I’m sorry, but I am not a little cry princess, I understand the meaning of your half words.

    And I should call you love, when I must say in my face what really happened, and you apologize saying: “I can’t, I’m going to the beach”

    Should I call you deception?

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