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    How am i supposed to make it right? What am i suppose to tell you? you were supposed to believe me when I said nothing happened, you were supposed to stand up for me and not accuse me of things. Do you not think i have morals? do you honestly think i would have done that? I’m really sorry, if i could i would go back and not have stayed, I swear.

    I don’t understand why you got so mad at me though, for something so stupid. You even saw exactly how it was. So we were talking? did you hear what we were talking about? We were talking about movies and comparing things. We did not flirt or hit on each other, i’m not like that and you of all people my own fucking sister should have known that.

    To start with all your boyfriend had to do was tell me was not to talk to his cousin again because whatever his stupid reasons were and i would have fucked off. I honestly didn’t care, I’m not the one who added him, he added me. If your boyfriend cared about you so much why did he do this? why is he blocking you out? I “disrespected” him not you. Why didn’t he talk to me? why didn’t he come to me so i could tell him the fucking story?

    You made me feel like shit today and you wouldn’t even let me explain. You didn’t want to hear it, well i didn’t want to be told what a disappointment i was and that i’m apparently now the cause of your break up. No matter how bad i fucking feel i won’t let you say that i’m the cause, he’s the cause for over reacting like he always fucking does. Best friends? no, if you were even remotely close to me like you always say you are for once you wouldn’t have chosen his side and to start with who the fuck understands you? One moment you’re telling me you’re mad then you say you aren’t then you start going on about how much i let you down.

    Fuck All Of You.

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