• What. The. Hell?

    by  • July 23, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments

    seriously? i finally meet you. I dump my boyfriend FOR YOU, and you still are thanking me by breaking my heart. I know that i just can stop texting you, but I can’t. You let me forget about all the crap in my life. Every time i text you i like you so freaking much all over again. Is it really neccesary though to share things about each other and text for hours? You know I like you. You talk to me like you like me too. Who gives a fuck if you live 2,000 miles away? you have your phone, your Facebook, your Skype, your e-mail. Please just make up your mind whether you like me or not.

    if you do, then good for me. lets try it out! we go good together. Or at least that’s what i think.. with every fiber of my being.

    if you don’t, sure i’ll be hella mad at you. but i’ll get over it. We’re friends right now.

    But i want to be more. I’m up to it if you are. you’re like, perfect. As long as we stay something to each other- a friend, an acquaintance, maybe even a boyfriend or a girlfriend, I’ll be happy. Even when you make me want to punch you in the face sometimes because you told me something, i’ll keep the secret. Your secrets are safe. I just hope that you have the same idea. Look, I really like you and i would kinda like some idea on whether we’ll be anything more than friends.

    make up your mind already.
    T.J.S < you know who you are. and if your reading this, you know who I am. E.M.Z

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