• To my Husband David

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    To my Dear Husband,

    I don’t know why I give you a second chance even though you keep tearing me apart. I feel like a prisoner in a house where I can’t do anything but to take care of our son. You don’t even care and talk to me. We sleep in a bed where you face on the other side and I face on the other side leaving a space between us. All I’m asking is for you to have time for me. It’s not that I need your attention it is also that I need your affection. It comes both ways. Us women won’t complain anything if there is nothing to complain about. I mean, I am just trying to talk to you as a normal person, I’m trying to compromise to make both ends meet but you don’t even care to listen. All you think about is that I complain a lot. Please bear in mind that we women talk a lot I mean A LOT, if you keep shittin on me everyday a lot will just go back to you.

    Okay to get to the point of this letter. I’m just glad that you have made a right decision tonight, cuz probably it was gonna be your last if you still keep doin on your cars… You work on weekdays I understand that, we only even have sex ONCE a week. Is that how u are goin to satistfy your wife? I really thought when we got married You will show the world to me…NOT put the weight of the world to me. U see I don’t like that.. It’s like i’m living in a house where I don’t have somebody to talk to or someone who listens to me, nobody really cares, and this is frustrating and making me more depressed. Your approach to our 8 month old son, is too much…if he cries u get more mad at him. The only thing I wanted to do is to keep him away from you it’s cuz I don’t want my son to be surrounded with a dad who can’t even treat him nice.. I never thought we could like a dysfunctional family. I hope in the near future you would realize what I have told you. When I get to look back to how I was, I may have a broken family where my mom and dad separated for 10 yrs already, but I didnt lack of good morals and I was taught by my elders words of wisdom, I am that kind of person and I am a homemaker. What I really wanted is for you to love me not only in words but at least show it or prove it if you want. I am not asking for you to change but I am hoping for myself that you would change for the better. Treat me with respect because I am woman, a mother of your child… It’s just so hard to love someone who couldn’t even love you back..

    thats all..

    Sinclair Adams

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