• To Everyone Who’s Looking For a Reason Why

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    Why he cheated.

    Why she won’t talk to you anymore.

    Why there aren’t any rules when your life is being ruined, but when you want revenge, life won’t provide for you.

    Why tears feel like your only friends on some nights.

    Why you thought it out, but it still caught you by surprise when it happened.

    It all happened because it could. It’s easier for tragedy to keep picking on you while you’re already down, helpless, and tired.

    But if you are,

    I’ve got a shoulder for you to cry on. We can stay up late, just laying on the ground, or on your bed, or near that river. You know the one.

    All of the turns and winding parts that stretch out into bits of the forest we can’t see from where we’re laying. And the trees above us map out the skyline, and that little bit of blue peeking through the leaves is ours. And only ours.

    We’ll watch some sticks and leaves get stuck on the rocks by the edge of the water and know that eventually some rain will come and push them back in again, or a fish will swim into it, or maybe the current will just get too strong and sweep them right off their feet.

    So don’t get too worried. You’re going to be okay.

    Love, me.

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