• the art of overthinking

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    Hey there, feeling a little down?
    I aint gonna tell you not to worry or that everything’s gonna be ok. Because that’s what people tell themselves when they’re too lazy to make it better.
    Suck it up, everybody has their own problems.

    Stop worrying about your looks or what people might think of you. That will only lead to destruction, that my friend is the art of overthinking… No it aint good, not at all.
    Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

    Think of every time you’ve wished to be somebody else, or wanted somebody elses something, or that you compared yourself to another person. Think of every time you’ve told yourself you’re not good enough, that you’re not pretty enough, or not that slim…
    Try to remember every time you’ve been hurt by an insult, or even by a simple comment.

    How did that feel?… Exactly. Now you know the art of overthinking, probably the most dangerous way of self-destruction So I hope that you’re thinking what I was supposed to make you think.
    Thinking is bad – I know, I’ve said “thinking” too many times – don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to tell you to be stupid or anything.

    I’m no one to tell you what to do, but if you follow this simple advice your life will be ten times better, guaranteed…
    – a little pause here, I know that this letter seems a little agressive at once, I do it with the best intentions to make YOU feel better about life, about others, and mainly yourself, just got to use that tone to make you man up a bit 😉 –

    Okay so here it goes…
    Stop hating your body, you’re perfect that way, be healthy, do some exercise, have fun, have a laugh even for things that ain’t that funny, you know, happiness is the key for confidence and vice versa. Embrace yourself for what you are, for your abilities, and even your flaws.

    Stop thinking about what everybody else has, as hard as you may try, nothing is gonna change who you are, so you might as well accept and face it, plus, the only person you have to compete with is yourself. Compete to improve, to learn new things, to make your life better.
    Be positive and remember that it doesn’t matter how bad things may look, there’s always a way out.

    Make an effort to be happy, if you force yourself to be so, you’ll eventually be authentically happy.
    Do your best at everything you do…. It doesn’t matter if it’s charades or a big presentation.

    Don’t worry if you’re not happy, you don’t have to be all psyched all the time. Being sad it’s life’s way of telling you that you have feelings, emotions, so you’re more alive than ever, even better, it’s a sign that somehting better is about to come.
    Being upset is also valid, get mad, scream, prove a point. Sometimes being mad or upset is a little reminder of what you stand for…

    So go ahead, live it loud, say it proud, lose your fears and get out of your comfort zone. Hope you take my advice and that it works for you.

    – p.s: excuse my grammatical mistakes, english is my second language, and there might be a couple of typos here and there. – thanks for reading through it all.

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