• Ex-partners in crime

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    It used to be just the two of us,
    partners in crime.
    Our synchronized laughs,
    speaks the unspoken words.
    Words were simply unnecessary
    because the eye contact was all we needed.

    We were always on the same page;
    turning together,
    understanding each other.
    It used to be just the two of us.

    You’re my best friend,
    my sister.
    You know my history,
    and you know my ideal future.
    You’ve seen all my tears,
    and you’ve been there for all my smiles.

    For the first time in the past 18 years,
    we were separated.
    We went to college.
    We didn’t doubt,
    we were confident.
    Maybe.. just maybe…
    we were wrong.

    For the past year,
    where were you?
    I shed the most tears,
    and you were no where to be seen.
    We’re home now,
    and yet you’re still no where to be seen.

    I see your page,
    I see your pictures.
    Red faced with bottles in your hand;
    Arms draped around boys you once called ‘creeps.’

    Eighteen years is only a number.

    And believe me,

    I’m too numb to care.

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