• Boys i have some questions..?

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    1. do you think that every girl wants a relationship after they kiss you? because it seems like you think that by insisting that you could be in a relationship with this chick means that she will like you more?

    2. do you use the same lines on girls? ex: “i would never hurt you”, “you are honestly the best kisser i have ever met”.. ??

    3. do you honestly want to just hook up or do you want a relationship?

    4. is it hard to focuss on anything but boobs and butt?


    okay so i kinda feel like a player. no i’m not a slut and i don’t get around… okay here is the story. so i was talking to this guy for a month or so or more. and well then i left the country to go on a trip. he was getting attached and well i told him i didn’t want to have a relationship i just wanted to be friends that kissed occasionally. he wanted the ownership. and i was not wanting to be owned. so i leave… and then.. i come home and have no urge to talk to him or anything. idk i didn’t even really wanna hang out with him but he asked me to hang out with him tmrw.. and well tonight i went to this kids house and he is cute and from my pool and we made out blah blah and then like idk i don’t feel bad for it though.. don’t guys do this all the time? idk…. woopss?? is this a bad thing? i just don’t want a relationsipp!!

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    1. Mia R.
      July 23, 2011 at 10:54 pm

      I’ve heard that friends with benefits is a lie, that someone is likely to get hurt. Hang out with the 1st guy at least one more time, explain that you aren’t interested. If you don’t want a relationship, no need to kiss. That’s silly. Love actions are for those in love.

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