• You were just like the rest!

    by  • July 22, 2011 • Anger • 0 Comments

    God i thought you were different. Shit, i thought you actually CARED! I thought that everything you said to me was thought out. But i guess i can just eat my words. Because, in fact you are just like the other ones. You are completely and utterly original.

    “I’m never going to find someone better. You will always be my true love. Just remember that.”

    Gosh, sound familiar? Yeah, that was the text you sent my BEST FRIEND YOU ASSHOLE. But I’m sure you remember the texts you sent me. All the ones about me being perfect, and a amazing and that you loved me. you are such a damn liar. You really make me want to smash something.

    At first, when i told you we couldn’t be friends anymore because i didn’t want to be with you, and i really hated the pressure, i felt so BAD. i wanted to die. Not even kidding you. there was this empty void in my chest and i cried. And cried. When you told me to just stop talking to you after i tried to apologize, it killed some part of me. So i texted my friend. I told her to help me, because you hated me. Once i told her why i didn’t want to talk to you, she told me that dreadful words “he did that to u too huh.”

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! You are just as bad as every other man whore who uses the same phrases over and over again. Recycled. You and your damn words that you lead me to believe are RECYCLED. I hope someday someone figures you out like i now have. I hope you get completely screwed over and no one loves you. I used to have high hopes for you. I used to believe that maybe we could be friends even after what i told you. Now i hope i never even see you again.
    Dont fall off a cliff. Or do. (:

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