• We won

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    You probably won’t ever see this but I need to put it down. You breezed into my life when I was just becoming a woman, put down stakes in my heart, won over my family and left me with a child.

    He is the BEST thing that I have ever done. He is absolutely amazing! I look at him and see the best that we both had. Noone doesn’t like him.

    I won in the end. When you left, I thought I had nothing left to live for. It was excruciatingly painful just to get up in the morning, let alone to stay alive for the whole day. But I did it!

    MY son is now 20. You lose. You will never know how wonderful it feels to have him come home and hug you. You will never see the sun rise in my son’s face. You will never be able to look at the most amazing kid in the world and feel pride because he says “I love you”.

    You lose because you ran. I dug in and lived. I made it.

    Life is good. I am a survivor of your pain. I have moved on.

    I didn’t think I would ever trust again. But I do. He is perfect for me. Loves me with my faults. Gives me comfort when I need it and laughter because I like it. He shows me everyday how wonderful trust can be. He is the BEST man and God gave him to me.

    Enjoy your life. I don’t hate you anymore. I feel pity for you. Cuz the man that I love is loving the son that we made and I raised. He is giving my son a chance to learn what a loving father is.

    You lost and we won.

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