• Tyler.

    by  • July 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal • 0 Comments

    okay. so you are reading this and wondering if it’s really to you. well it is. i just have some things to say. and i hope you can understand.

    I HATE YOU. because of what you did to me. you ripped out my heart. you changed me as a person for the worst. you left without even a backward glance. there is something else too…

    I love you. because of everything we had. you were so amazingly perfect for me. you changed me as a person better. you came into my life without hesitation. exactly when i needed someone like you.

    Now. after saying that… you should know that i actually have no plans whatsoever on getting back with you. if you are 100% serious about wanting me back and blah blah blah… then get your act together and prove it to me. because one slip up, one time when you lie to me and try to pull the same bull you so often tried when we dated… i’m gone. you may have left me because the girl YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH made you chose me or her, but this time around i’ll be the decider in our relationship status. You come running back to me when you find out your lover girl was cheating on you. KARMA!!! you so deserved that one. and i can guarantee if you cheat on me again Karma wont be the only thing coming after you. I WILL NOT BE WITH A CHEATER!!! I love you tyler. you are amazing and everything i want…minus the cheating liar part. if you cant change it then find someone else willing to waste time on a guy who isnt worth it. because it won’t be me.

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