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    Dear A,

    Thanks so much for your sympathy and for being here during my grandmothers unexpected death. Being 4 hours from home, running around at camp, and only having 10 hours notice that she took a turn for the worse has only made this situation worse. You know I really understand what its like to leave home for an extended period of time with minimal contact since I have left for the last two summers. So can you please stop giving me fucking bullshit about how you’re leaving your friends for 3 months and that you need to spend the next 5 days with them and can attend everything physically but can’t really talk to me then. All I was asking for was a few minutes so I could break down to someone I trusted after putting on my fake act all day in front of my campers. But no you can’t even give me the common decency to not have people screaming in the background. You could’ve just walked away for five minutes but you can’t think of anyone but yourself since your leaving and your mister super military man. You say that you understand what it’s like to lose a grandmother. Put yourself in my shoes and lose your girlfriend because she’s leaving the next week and she’s acting liike she can care less. Would you really want to wait for her? Because right now I don’t know if I want to wait for you. My family said maybe she held on til this week so i can get an extra day with you. I think she held on til this week so she could should me the other selfish side of you and stop me from wasting the next 3 months waiting for you. So good luck at all your military trainings, hopefully they teach you how to respect other people in their time of need.

    Fuck off,

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